International Tours

This year the players selected from the 2017 Championships in Beenleigh Qld will be leaving for a tour to Los Angeles USA in April 2018.

SQUAD A                                                                     SQUAD B

Bianca Benzie                    Northern Elements                         Marahn Aitken                  AYC

Tylah Fisher                        Northern Elements                         Georgia Capetonakis      SAUCNA

Ella Healey                          Northern Elements                         Chelsea French                  AYC

Shayla Imeson                   Northern Elements                         Chloe Kahl                           SMAA

Tawhairiri Janes                Northern Elements                         Holly McConnon              AYC

Teleesha Kelly                   Northern Elements                         Paige Mahanga                 SAUCNA

Gemeni Lynch                   Northern Elements                         Lauren Sharpe                   SAUCNA

Amelya Mannofetoa      Northern Elements                              Indy Turner                         AYC

Maddison Muir                 AYC                                                   Andrea Van Metzinger  SAUCNA

Courtney Thomas            Northern Elements                              Eternity Woods                 Beenleigh

OPEN LADIES                                                              OFFICIALS 

Shannon Page                   ADF                                       Amberleigh Brown          Northern Elements

Emma   Palmer                  ADF                                        Bradley Teale                     ADF

Hayley  Tillman                  ADF                                         Willem  Van Metzinger  SAUCNA

Emma Beaufoy                 ADF

Morgan Dick                       ADF

Stacey Creamer                 ADF

Brooke Donovan              ADF

Laura Duckworth              ADF

Tenneal White                   ADF

Pauline Glassie                  ADF